School Guidelines

Please read the school guidelines before applying.


1.     Arrival time is between 7.30am – 8:00am from Monday to Friday. Children should be collected at 12.30pm, except the day care who are collected before 6.00pm. 

2.     Children should be handed to only St. Paul’s Kindergarten Buloba Staff, to ensure safety. Hence children are discouraged to move alone to and from home.

3.     Parents and guardians should notify the school, the people who should collect their children. A new person should come with reasonable proof from the parents.

4.     Children should be in proper uniform while at school. Parents are argued to help be neat at all times. On Wednesdays and Fridays, a sports uniform shall be worn.

5.     Children’s hair should be kept neat without any decoration objects that may be dangerous to their peers.(mostly with girls)

6.     Children should not be given any money or valuables from home. 

7.     In case of an emergency sickness, the school doctor shall be contacted for first aid, and the parent shall be informed.

8.     At the beginning of term, each Child should report with ALL school requirements for proper and smooth management of the school.

9.     Parents should not pack for their children hence; the school shall provide the needful.

10.  Parents are expected to check on the continuous assessment of their children in the course of the term, so as to achieve the best of their ability.

11.  All school fees should be paid in Centenary Bank on the Account Number: 3100079090 in the Name of St. Paul’s Kindergarten Buloba